About First Alarm Wellness…

First Responder Support for Your Department

First Alarm–

First on the Scene

The first vehicles that report to the scene are responsible for assessing the situation and creating a plan for dealing with the matter at hand.

First Alarm Wellness’s staff are pioneers in the development of effective education, policy, and intervention programs for all first responders and essential workers who face crisis head-on.

We answer that first alarm, and we’ll be there to provide first responder support for you and your department so that you can focus on being there for everyone else.

Our Story

It’s more than a job,

it’s a calling:

We’re here for you because you’re here for us.

Back in 2011, Tina Casola met a friend for coffee. She walked away from that conversation knowing that her career had just taken a significant turn.

Her colleague told her about first responders experiencing severe stress — PTSD, burnout, addictions, family breakdown. After many years working with veterans, Tina felt called to take her skills and use them to help emergency workers. 

At that point, departments often had no idea what organized support should look like or where they would find the budget. Tina entered the discussion at the very beginning, helping departments and organizations create the kind of support their people needed.  

Nine years later, First Alarm Wellness has become so much more…

City And regional departments, Agencies, and organizations that we serve in California and beyond.

First Alarm Wellness team members providing a wide range of services to departments & individuals

Number of times we’ve been honored to speak at conferences & conventions in the U.S. & Canada

We’re Here to Serve You

First Alarm Wellness is a concierge behavioral health service for first responder agencies, organizations and departments like yours.

What’s a concierge behavioral health service?

First Alarm Wellness is a wrap-around behavioral health provider, structured to provide support for first responders that you and your emergency workers need — when and where you need it.


  • Expert therapists
  • Educational and training services
  • Case management & advocacy
  • Peer support training
  • Rapid critical event response
  • Consulting services


First Alarm Wellness has you covered.

From structuring a preventative support network within your department to providing the support you need in the midst of an emergency, we will be there for you.

And with our case managers on staff, we’ll also help your people get access to all the services they need until they’re recovered and back to work again.  

Our biggest challenge is that we never have enough staff so it’s important to get that business card. We know if something happens, we’ll have the Red Cross, but we also know if we call Tina, she’ll bring her team. Tina doesn’t expect people to come to her, she’ll walk right up to the car and find out how she can help.

Mary de Felice and Susan Preiser

Aviation Security and Public Safety Department, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

What we do

Our team has over 40 years combined experience working with military, veterans, and first responders.

We rely on evidence-based interventions that are specifically geared to work with the challenges that professionals in your department face.

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Burnout
  • Trauma
  • Substance abuse
  • Insomnia

But more than that, we “get” emergency workers. We’re not afraid to show up where we’re needed and get our hands dirty. 

It doesn’t matter what qualifications your therapists have if your workers won’t talk to them. Emergency workers have their own culture and don’t easily trust outsiders. First responders trust us because they know we respect them and we’re going to be right there with them. 

First Alarm Wellness conducted a 3-day seminar that included general awareness and peer support training that gave support to the peer support leaders. Tina brought a lot of awareness and emphasized “we’re all going through something and that’s okay.” That lessens the stigma behind needing help. Tina’s peer support program helped build the framework. “Here’s how you approach it – You should talk to someone like a buddy.”

She also opened up the horizons on what resources are out there for us. Tina’s one of the first clinicians that’s stepping out and really making a difference. She flew across the country to help us.

Andrew Hughes

Division Chief of EMS, Pinellas Park Fire Department

Who We Help

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We’re ready to talk with you about how to best support your first responders and other essential workers.

Contact us by using the form to the right or by email at hello@firstalarmwellness.com

Feel free to call us on our non-emergency voicemail line at (760)650-4128.


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