First Responder Behavioral Health Services for your Department

Elite First Responder Behavioral Health Services for Your Elite Department or Organization

We’ve been with you since the very beginning–when we all were first realizing that “toughen up” just doesn’t cut it.

And our police, fire, and other emergency workers were struggling with the burdens of their noble work.

We pioneered first responder care in California and across the United States and we’re still delivering elite level care for you.

We focus on 6 areas of care and then customize those services to exactly what your department needs, so the men and women in your workforce get the best possible care.

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Clinical Support Services

Our therapists are trained in gold-standard, proven evidence-based treatments for trauma, depression, anxiety, substance use, and more… including:

  • Prolonged exposure therapy (PT)
  • Cognitive processing therapy (CPT)
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)


We provide services where and when people need them:

  • 1:1 counseling
  • couples and family counseling
  • conjoint meetings with non-family members (i.e. w/coworkers)
  • groups
  • phone, text, telehealth, and in-person services are available.


Peer Support Program Creation & Coaching

Coworkers who understand are the most powerful form of support. 

The emergency worker culture is tight-knit. This is an asset if expectations are reasonable. It’s a critical weakness if the main tenet is “tough it out.”

We work with departments to set up peer support programs and equip leaders with the skills they need to listen and encourage.

And we continue to work with them to keep them equipped for new challenges and provide real assistance. 

Department and Agency-wide Education & Training

Effective education provides opportunities for department members to:

  • Learn new concepts.
  • Challenge old ideas.
  • Develop new, better approaches to current challenges.

Our First Alarm Wellness team gets rave reviews from attendees. We keep things interesting and relevant for those sitting in the classrooms.

We offer comprehensive training programs for:

  • In-services
  • Retreats
  • Departmental programs that need supplemental sessions.

Case Management & Care Collaboration

  • Financial issues
  • Illness and injuries
  • Job and co-worker issues
  • Insurance or workers compensation claim delays

Stress increases vulnerability to trauma, mental illness, and substance use issues.

Our case management team is set up to advocate and collaborate with:

  • Medical providers
  • Employers
  • Labor groups 
  • Educational facilities
  • Care resources and placement services

We act as an additional resource to your HR and benefits department and an “outside the system” resource for your worker. 

First Alarm Wellness Consulting Services

For departments and organizations in California and across the United States

 When you work with us, you’re working with an organization rich in experience and knowledge. We have the answers for your questions–whether it’s setting up a new program, adding resources, planning for the future, or learning from a recent event.

  • Customized plans for agencies
  • Program creation and support
  • Serious accident review team subject matter expert 
  • Incident Management Team service
  • Conference speakers for keynotes and plenaries


Critical Incident Rapid Response, Debriefing, & Support

Some incidents need immediate attention in order to avoid long-term effects:

  • Mass casualty events
  • Line of duty deaths
  • Crew Exposures
  • Other events requested by department representatives

During or after critical incidents, we provide crisis support services onsite, online, or in the office–whatever is needed.

First Alarm Wellness professionals provide immediate assessment plus acute, short term, and long term planning and support, including in-person and telehealth therapy.

We’ll also coordinate additional resources, make reports to incident command or the chief officer, and prepare a customized response plan for the agency. 

We are Serious Accident Review Team Subject Matter Experts and serve on Incident Management Teams.

When you call, we’ll be there.

Let’s talk about elite support for your elite emergency workers…


We’d love to discuss how we can help you and your department.

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