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What Our First Responder Concierge Behavioral Health Looks Like in Real Life

Every department is at a different place regarding finding resources and meeting needs. Let’s assess the situation together and create a plan.

Since we’ve been on the scene since the very beginning, we’ve worked with 21 departments in California, across the U.S., and internationally — which means we’ve created approaches that fit each individual department, helping them meet the needs of each individual emergency worker. 

    In the State of California 

    Our therapists are located and licensed in California, so we provide a full range of services for California departments, organizations, and workers.

    From consulting to education to counseling services and group support, we’re there — either in person or through telehealth.

    And if you have an emergency, all you need to do is pick up the phone and we’ll be there. 




    Outside of California

    Outside of California, we can still provide a range of services for you and your departments.

    We’ve helped many departments like yours:

    • Set up support networks and peer support trainings
    • Conducted training programs 
    • Set up local networks for accessing resources and counseling support

    We equip your first responders and essential worker for the challenges that they’ll face in their work and daily lives so they’re stronger, healthier, and more effective.

    First Alarm Wellness Consulting Services

    Are you looking to improve the way your department provides support for your emergency workers and first responders?

    We’ll assess your current programs for strengths and find where there’s room for improvement.

    Our First Alarm Wellness team will work with your administration or interdisciplinary team to create effective solutions that will meet your department’s needs and the needs of your workers. 

    And we’ll help you implement those solutions in ways that support the members of your department. 

    Integrated Mental Health Specialists

    Government Essential Workers & COVID-19 Support

    The next wave in providing care for first responders and essential workers  is integrating mental health resources into the agency, department, or city infrastructure.

    First Alarm Wellness already has experience incorporating our resources into an official city network, both for essential worker support and COVID-19 Resources.

    We can work with your city, county, or department to provide behavioral health and case management services within your official structure.

    Education & Training

    Effective education provides opportunities for the members of your department to:

    • learn new concepts
    • challenge old ideas
    • develop new, better approaches to current challenges

    Our First Alarm Wellness team has earned rave reviews from attendees. We keep things interesting and relevant for those sitting in the classrooms.

    We offer whole training programs for inservices or retreats. We can also provide sessions that complement the rest of any program you’re providing. 

    Critical Incident Rapid Response, Debriefing, & Support

    Some incidents need immediate attention in order to avoid long-term effects:

    • Fires
    • Natural disasters
    • Riots
    • Loss of a comrade

    …and many other types of events. We provide immediate assessment plus acute, short term, and long term planning and support, including in-person and telehealth therapy.

    Counseling Services

    Our therapy team’s expertise is targeted toward providing the best support for the members of your agency.

    We provide individual, couples, family, & group therapy so we can address our client’s key needs.

    • Trauma
    • Anxiety & depression
    • Substance abuse
    • Family issues
    • Burnout
    • Insomnia


    In person counseling and via telehealth

    While COVID-19 has brought telehealth to the forefront, we’ve been using telehealth to support our clients since 2009 — the very beginning. It’s one more tool in our arsenal to make sure your people are supported.

    Peer Support Program Creation & Coaching

    The best support that a first responder can get is from other first responders. Coworkers who understand because they’re right there, too fill a need that no one else can fill as well.

    The emergency worker culture is tight-knit. That can be an asset if expectations are reasonable or a critical weakness if the main tenet is “tough it out.”

    We structure the program and equip peer counselors with the skills they need to listen and advise. We’re always there to support, but with these in line, they’ll be able to look out for each other in most situations.

    Case Management

    When first responders or support workers are working through difficulties, we make sure they’re not alone. If clients need assistance with Worker’s Comp, accessing community resources, or are in need of any other help, we’re here.

    We’ll walk with them from the start all the way until they’re healed and back on duty. 

    We have a Worker’s Comp expert on staff as well as other staff members who will evaluate other resources and navigate through accessing those resources.

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    We’d love to discuss how we can help you and your department.

    Contact us by using the form to the right or by email at hello@firstalarmwellness.com

    Feel free to call us on our non-emergency voicemail line at (760)650-4128.

    This form is not for emergency situations or client communications. Please call us or use our contact information in the footer or on our contact page. 


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